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A Xmas Cuento Remix 2020 Who’s Who

Posted by on noviembre 25, 2020 in Blog

Andrés Alcalá (Director, Editor, Abuelo Javier, Eddie, Police Officer, Caroler) Thrilled to be doing another show with Milagro while using another set of skills in animation and video production. As well as...

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INGENIO 2020 Comentarios desactivados en INGENIO 2020


Posted by on junio 16, 2020 in Blog, Events

in association with Teatros Unidos Milagro in association with  Teatros Unidos- A Newly Formed National Latinx Theatre Collective Announce: The INGENIO 2020 Live Virtual Theatre Festival, streamed September...

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Huínca Who’s Who Comentarios desactivados en Huínca Who’s Who

Huínca Who’s Who

Posted by on enero 9, 2020 in Artists, Blog

CAST AJAI TERRAZAS TRIPATHI (Manuel Huillipan/Camilo Catrillanca/Araucaria #3/Man) Ajai received his BA in Theatre Arts from Oregon State University.This is his tenth season with Teatro Milagro where he has...

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